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Retrieves real-time data from a program that supports COM automation (Automation: A way to work with an application's objects from another application or development tool.

In some cases, particularly in math calculations, you may need to convert decimal number to binary, octal or hex number or vice versa, if you are not good at the conversion, this job must be a problem for you.

Unfortunately, this manual cannot teach you the very basics of interacting with a modern computer.

If you have never used computers, don't know the names of the hardware components (the pieces you can touch) or don't know the names of the elements you see on the screen (like windows or the mouse pointer), you will probably want to get some basic advice from someone you know or read the manuals which came with your machine or your operating system.

It's all pretty easy but, in order to understand this manual, you will need to know some basic terminology and have some basic computing skills.

If you are using the GNOME desktop environment, you can read the the GNOME Desktop User Guide for help in getting started with computers.

Returns a key performance indicator (KPI) name, property, and measure, and displays the name and property in the cell.

Parameters ---------- x : int n : int Minimum number of digits.

The formulas are generally entered by hand, possibly with the help of various tools.

The data may be formatted to appear in particular ways and to clarify the structure of the data in the worksheet. Certain parts of the spreadsheets may be printed out as tables.

If you use this series, backup your data often, not just by saving files but by renaming them and checking that they can be reopened.

If you experience mistakes or crashes while you are using this version, please report these using the GNOME project's bug reporting interface as detailed in Chapter 17 ― Reporting a Problem.

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Tip: With Unit Conversion of Kutools for Excel, you can add the converted results as comments and keep the original data by checking Add results as comment.

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