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IN CELEBRATION OF ALOHA • IN Sheraton Waikiki Hotel WAIKIKI BEACH RESORT 2255 KALAKAUA AVENUE. HAWAII 96815-2579 PHONE (808) 922-4422 FAX (8081 923-8785 ITT Sheraton OF A L O H Central West Edition ^^W^^F THE MAGAZINE OF WESTERN LIVING ^^^^^ JANUARY 1993 FEATURE ARTICLES Behind the scenes at the Rose Parade For 425 million viewers, the parade is a New Year's Day tradition. Lynn Ocone Allison E Zarem U rncrs Betsy Reynolds Bateson. Ironically, perhaps, it's located 15 miles north of the Marin-Sonoma county border on U. Highway 101 in Roh- nert Park, where heavy adobe soil has prevented the devel- opment of vineyards.

For tens of thousands of workers, it's an all-year effort. Even SUNSET I Today's automotive marketplace is crowded with stylish 4-door sedans — each promising you luxury, comfort, quality and value. Power and Associates discovered in its 1992 Initial Quality Study,™ no car in its price class, foreign or domestic, has higher initial quality than Regal Sedan* According to J. Power and Associates, the Buick Regal Sedan has the highest initial quality of any car in its price class. Proving that when you experience the luxury and quality of a Regal Sedan, you are truly traveling first-class.

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*Estimated performance figure based on manufacturer's test of manual transmission vehicle. Weber Designees Carol Hatchard Goforth fim I Dennis W Leong (Sercor). The show runs from 10 to 5 weekdays, 11 to 5 on week- ends.

ION OF ALOHA You'll ] The ^rmth From More I Than Just The Sun. A stunning location or) the very prow of Waikiki Beach, exciting ( activities by day and night, and the warmth of aloha from our staff to make your stay unforgettable. Jim Mc Cann Copy Julie Harris l Oef Victoria Cebalo Irwin. Admission is free, and street parking is available. SONOMA COUNTY New interactive visitor center opens Although many people know that the Sonoma Valley is a distinguished wine-grow- ing region, fewer know about Sonoma County's nine or so other wine-producing areas, even though these are fre- quently less crowded and equally attractive.

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