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The actor - who plays Jacob Black in the 'Twlight Saga' movies - took Mackenzie, 12, under his wing when she joined the cast of 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' as Renesmee Cullen and the pair bonded over sport.

Nikki Reed is releasing a new album with her husband Paul Mc Donald.

The couple announced the news on Instagram with a sweet photo and caption.

She also admitted she hopes her own children will love for the planet as much she they do."One would hope that anyone that has this passion…would instill in their own children or of the like very similar ideology."February 2017: Reed proved she's going to be a great female role model for her child when she revealed that her and Somerhalder's ex, Nina Dobrev, have been friends for years.

Somerhalder, 35, was dressed down in black sweatpants, gray T-shirt and a ball cap.

Reed, 26, appeared to be going to or from a workout in sneakers, black patterned leggings and a neon yellow tank. musician Paul Mc Donald in March, providing an exclusive statement to PEOPLE.

Read More » Click here to visit Nikki Reed FREE naked photos shoot! Read More » Nikki Reed Nude - naked picture, pic, photo shoot Picture Inside. The 'Twilight Saga' actress - who celebrated her first wedding anniversary with former 'American Idol' contestant Paul Mc Donald in October - admits having a normal relationship in Hollywood is difficult but the couple tries not to lose track of what is important to them.

Ryan Phillipe was seen giving 18-year-old Nikki Reed a lift from Winston’s night club in L. Kristen Stewart stole a pair of shoes from the 'Twilight Saga' set for Nikki Reed.

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How is it possible to love someone so much already?

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