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Those marked with a crown are available to premium account holders only, but you can resize the image frames in any grid, so this isn't much of a drawback.You can also adjust the spacing and roundness of the boxes, and pick an aspect ratio for your canvas.Select "Photo collage," then "See all collage templates" to see the full set of free options available.Alternatively, click "Elements" and choose a grid, then start adding the images, borders, icons, and other items that will make up your collage.

These are the tools – both web apps and desktop software – that will help you make gorgeous collages in moments, ready to print to canvas.

It’s incredibly simple, and the quickest way to create a collage if you don’t mind letting the web app make creative decisions for you.

Stickers and text let you give your design a personal touch before it’s exported.

Once that’s done, click "Collage", pick a template (those marked with a diamond icon are only available to premium account holders) and upload your pictures using the "Import" button on the right.

Click "Fill in" on the left, and the spaces in your chosen template will be populated with the uploaded pictures – cropped and resized to fit automatically.

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Fotor's design isn’t quite as intuitive as Canva’s, but it’s still much quicker and easier than creating a collage from first principles.

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