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He said: 'This will be the first trade agreement between two countries, two parties, which already have free trade.'It is therefore in principle much easier and much quicker than any previous trade agreement that has been negotiated.' Ex-Ukip leader Nigel Farage was furious at developments.

He tweeted: 'If the trade talks don't start until March then why did Theresa May leave Downing Street so early last Friday?

Brexiteers will be furious if it is confirmed Britain is not allowed to strike trade deals during the transition period and accept new EU rules.

Asked about the EU negotiating guidelines, which say that the transition deal must be thrashed out before talks can move on to our future trading relationship, he said: 'I think we will have to work out the transition deal.' Philip Davies, the Brexit-backing Tory MP for Shipley, told Mail Online: 'My view has always been that the whole point of Article 50 was that was the transition period.'We seem now to have a double transition period, which I am not in favour of to be perfectly honest, but obviously the Prime Minister has a different view.'I don't think anybody when they were voting last year thought we were going to have a transition period.'Peter Lilley, the Tory former minister, told Sky News that a free trade deal could be easily struck if the EU wanted one – but said the bloc will want to punish Britain for leaving by offering a bad deal.

Theresa May has set out her own vision for a two year transition in which most EU rules continue to apply.

She wanted full-blown trade talks to run in parallel with transition talks from January but looks set to be disappointed.

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