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They look like the kind of ladies you’d find working in charity shops or arranging the church flowers — can they really be penning the sort of racy novels that would make a convent girl like me blush? A retired hairdresser and former member of the Merchant Navy, she says: ‘Some authors like to just leave it at the bedroom door closing. I really go for it and leave nothing to the imagination. But what do her two daughters make of Mum’s new career?‘My oldest hasn’t read them,’ says June, ‘But Maxine, my youngest, read one and rang me in horror to say: “Mum, how could you?But in a turn of events offering more drama and intrigue than you’ll find in one of their books, Roger, has parted company with Mills & Boon.He looks uncomfortable when I ask him for the juicy details.And June isn’t the only septuagenarian making a comfortable living with the aid of a typewriter and a fertile imagination.Annie Ashurst, 72, from Rugby, is the current chairman of the RNA and author of more than 90 Mills & Boon novels. A former Mastermind champion, who names Jane Austen as her all time favourite author, Annie is quick to put me straight when I ask if she ever feels she has sold out or is embarrassed to write for Mills & Boon.Writing under the name Sara Craven (she thought her own wasn’t glamorous enough) Annie likens her racy books to a box of chocolates. You feel a bit naughty at the time, guilty even, but it’s enjoyable and when you’re done it’s quickly forgotten about.’ Annie insists that she puts sex scenes in her books only when they are ‘absolutely essential to the plot. ‘Well I’m not holding my breath for a Pulitzer Prize, my dear,’ she quips.

At a time when book sales are declining and publishers are reluctant to take on new authors, the Association offers an invaluable service including, for a fee, the critique of manuscripts.

Jan Jones, 55, who writes romantic novels set in the Regency period, is the RNA’s events manager.

‘Most of our members are female, but when you consider 93 per cent of romance is bought by women, that makes sense,’ she tells me.

” I think my exact words to her were: “Oh get over it. ”’ While I’m pretty sure I’d prefer my mum to see out her retirement by enjoying more traditional pastimes — weeding the garden or doing giant jigsaws of Hampton Court Palace, for example — I find myself really warming to all the women here.

They’re fun, feisty and boosting their pension pot by doing something that brings them, and others, great pleasure.

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