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In Hollywood, where fragile egos are as common as DUI’s and sex tapes, many celebrities have adopted the habit of “dating down,” or the process of trading out a partner whose success is equal to theirs in favor of one who falls about three notches below them on the fame ladder.Last week Academy Award winning actress Kate Winslet stepped out with her new man, up-and-coming British model Louis Dowler, after splitting from her Oscar-winning director husband Sam Mendes.“Down dating allows a D-Lister to ride the coattails of a star and milk them for all their celebrity appeal and status. If you were of a pop culture-loving age in the early 2000s, of course you remember that beautiful soul. In addition to being on the wildly-popular Disney Channel teen sitcoms , he was a legit pop artist. Clearly, singing and songwriting is in the 30-year-old's bones, because, over the years, Jesse has stayed faithful to music.Just as Scott Disick has made a fortune by showing up at events, having a couple of drinks, and mingling with a few people, Jesse has, understandably, gotten in on the appearance game, too.

So much blood, sweat, and tears went into this whole effort…seriously. Hope you guys will love it.” Check out all the trailers below!From the looks of things, he and his girlfriend often prefer lazy Friday nights at home with good food and books to partying it up in Hollywood — which we totally commend.While Jesse's penchant for cooking may seem like a surprise to some, really it shouldn't, as the singer took a cheese class in 2009. Singer, actor, Lionel Richie Has Strong Feelings About Sofia's Relationship With Scott Disick Did Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Get Married?But it isn’t just the women who have been looking for love in all the low places.After his marriage to Sandra Bullock fell apart due to his infidelities with a slew of women who were less famous, less successful and much less clothed than his Academy-Award winning wife, Jesse James began dating tattoo artist Kat Von D., a noticeable step down from Sandra Bullock in terms of fame, talent, financial success and general likability by the public.

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